Sunday, October 18, 2009

Long time no see. Right?

So just I'm just letting people know I'm alive and well in Portland, OR. I've decided to stay for a little a few years? Yeah, hopefully. I would love to post some pictures but I'm computerless. I'm writing this at the library right now...there are some smelly ass cats in the library. Anyway, I don't have any real particular direction or reason driving this post other than to let people know that I've got a home and a job here now. And seriously this guy next to me is really fucking rank so I think 'imma be up out this piece' as some might say. You all should probably see some more frequent posting from me around the end of November, maybe December (not that anyone's extremely concerned). It'll probably be pretty sparse until then though.

Please everyone come visit me as often as possible.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It's 2 am. I'm uploading photos. I'm sleepy. Here. (I luuuvee Seattle)

The house I got to stay at in Vancouver.
IMG_1640[1] by you.
This is Granville.
IMG_1509[1] by you.
IMG_1496[1] by you.IMG_1497[1] by you.IMG_1498[1] by you.IMG_1500[1] by you.IMG_1505[1] by you.IMG_1515[1] by you.IMG_1520[1] by you.
IMG_1536[1] by you.IMG_1541[1] by you.
IMG_1542[1] by you.IMG_1568[1] by you.IMG_1583[1] by you.
A man at the farmers market I ran across.
IMG_1609[1] by you.
Hastings street, Vancouver, BC.
_MG_1624[1] by you.IMG_1631[1] by you.
A view from the coffee shop down the street from my house.
IMG_1637[1] by you.
Got some Ethiopian food my last day in Canada.
IMG_1646[1] by you.
Heading down to Seattle.
IMG_1664[1] by you.IMG_1669[1] by you.IMG_1678[1] by you.
Getting some food waiting to hear back from my CS host, Anthony and the starship submarine.
_MG_1680[1] by you.
The Sub (a.k.a. My home for the next week).
IMG_1686[1] by you.IMG_1692[1] by you.IMG_1693[1] by you.
A set of photos from walking around Seattle with John Borges my first day.
IMG_1694[1] by you.IMG_1698[1] by you.
IMG_1696[1] by you.IMG_1697[1] by you.IMG_1699[1] by you.IMG_1700[1] by you.
Some Indian food prepared by Chef Anthony.
IMG_1703[1] by you.
Chef Anthony and some other Couch Surfers from Portugal and the Netherlands.
IMG_1704[1] by you.
Homemade Naan for the annual Starship Sub Sunday dinner
IMG_1706[1] by you.
Mt. Rainier and other views from the roof.
IMG_1710[1] by you.IMG_1712[1] by you.IMG_1713[1] by you.
Matt and John
IMG_1714[1] by you.

Okay more to come later, sleep to come immediately.

"There is more refreshment and stimulation in a nap, even of the briefest, than in all the alcohol ever distilled."

Sunday, October 4, 2009

If we have been pleased with life, then we should not be displeased with death.

Well I haven't updated all through my adventures in British Columbia. Being pages deep in my journal I don't have the attention span to fill everyone in on the details. So instead I'll be posting my trip thus far photographically in chronological order. I've only managed to upload the first couple days so far, and will complete my trip up to the present later this evening as this has already usurped most of my morning. I will say however, that made some very wonderful friends in Vancouver whom I hope to stay connected with for some time. If any of you might happen to be reading this, you're all more than welcome to impose on me for an unannounced week whenever you find yourself wherever I end up.

I began at Union Station in LA.
_MG_1155[1] by you.
_MG_1164[1] by you._MG_1166[1] by you.
_MG_1175[1] by you._MG_1176[1] by you._MG_1177[1] by you._MG_1184[1] by you.

A nice Korean Christian minister shared his vegetarian sushi and rice cakes with me. X{D
_MG_1192[1] by you._MG_1246[1] by you._MG_1259[1] by you.

This is Kat and Liz, we sung songs on the train. Kat and her husband where nice enough to let me stay for the night while I waited for my misplaced bike to arrive.
_MG_1266[1] by you._MG_1276[1] by you._MG_1312[1] by you._MG_1315[1] by you.

This is Kat's and Pete's house.
_MG_1316[1] by you.

This is the bus to Vancouver.
_MG_1331[1] by you.

...and the border...
_MG_1334[1] by you._MG_1338[1] by you.

When I arrived I happened upon this little shindig in the park I was planing on camping in.
_MG_1353[1] by you._MG_1360[1] by you.

...and ended up at the after party...
_MG_1364[1] by you.

As a result I found a place to stay.
_MG_1371[1] by you.

My new friends and I rode around the Seawall and Stanley Park.
_MG_1443[1] by you._MG_1383[1] by you._MG_1388[1] by you._MG_1395[1] by you._MG_1406[1] by you._MG_1423[1] by you._MG_1436[1] by you._MG_1439[1] by you._MG_1449[1] by you._MG_1450[1] by you._MG_1454[1] by you._MG_1458[1] by you.IMG_1490[1] by you.
_MG_1588[1] by you._MG_1601[1] by you.

A wonderful dinner...
_MG_1554[1] by you.

...prepared by Coralie.
_MG_1555[1] by you.

TBA: Granville public market, unicycles, basketballs, more scenery, and more food.

"What did you do with this divine asset, Life?...You made no attempt to live it outside the meanest terms. You played safe according to the most selfish rules. You took care to see that everything you did was done with 'clean hands, in clean shirts, and with French phrases.' You never put your foot wrong and so you never stepped out of your rut. Your life has been most simple and commonplace-and most horrifying."