Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It's 2 am. I'm uploading photos. I'm sleepy. Here. (I luuuvee Seattle)

The house I got to stay at in Vancouver.
IMG_1640[1] by you.
This is Granville.
IMG_1509[1] by you.
IMG_1496[1] by you.IMG_1497[1] by you.IMG_1498[1] by you.IMG_1500[1] by you.IMG_1505[1] by you.IMG_1515[1] by you.IMG_1520[1] by you.
IMG_1536[1] by you.IMG_1541[1] by you.
IMG_1542[1] by you.IMG_1568[1] by you.IMG_1583[1] by you.
A man at the farmers market I ran across.
IMG_1609[1] by you.
Hastings street, Vancouver, BC.
_MG_1624[1] by you.IMG_1631[1] by you.
A view from the coffee shop down the street from my house.
IMG_1637[1] by you.
Got some Ethiopian food my last day in Canada.
IMG_1646[1] by you.
Heading down to Seattle.
IMG_1664[1] by you.IMG_1669[1] by you.IMG_1678[1] by you.
Getting some food waiting to hear back from my CS host, Anthony and the starship submarine.
_MG_1680[1] by you.
The Sub (a.k.a. My home for the next week).
IMG_1686[1] by you.IMG_1692[1] by you.IMG_1693[1] by you.
A set of photos from walking around Seattle with John Borges my first day.
IMG_1694[1] by you.IMG_1698[1] by you.
IMG_1696[1] by you.IMG_1697[1] by you.IMG_1699[1] by you.IMG_1700[1] by you.
Some Indian food prepared by Chef Anthony.
IMG_1703[1] by you.
Chef Anthony and some other Couch Surfers from Portugal and the Netherlands.
IMG_1704[1] by you.
Homemade Naan for the annual Starship Sub Sunday dinner
IMG_1706[1] by you.
Mt. Rainier and other views from the roof.
IMG_1710[1] by you.IMG_1712[1] by you.IMG_1713[1] by you.
Matt and John
IMG_1714[1] by you.

Okay more to come later, sleep to come immediately.

"There is more refreshment and stimulation in a nap, even of the briefest, than in all the alcohol ever distilled."

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